Showcased here are all the design artboards I've created over the past few years. Some of them being passion projects while others being challenging work artifacts.

Adobe XD Jam x Amazon

The challenge

The prompt was to create a tablet/iPad app that educates and encourages highschool students to pursue a career in the growing design field.

Our design solution

We came up with Journey - an interactive app that takes users on informative journey about design and its multitude of possibilities through fun quizzes and games.

The users can specially take three different paths on the app -

  1. To know more about what design is
  2. To explore all the career oppurtunities under design
  3. To learn how to get started with a particular career

Interact with the prototype here.


CardCo - A social connection app using card matching

What is CardCo?

As part of the design challenge for a company, I came up with a social connection app (initially targeted at audience older than 40 years) which allows users to make friends on the platform using a unique card matching & selection action.

Users can select cards that depict their interests while setting up their profile with CardCo. They can then look at different users who have similar cards as them and check out their profile to see if they are interested further. Once users match with each other, they can begin chatting and form meaningful relationships on and off the platform!

This is currently under progress. Interactive prototype link will be available soon!


Adobe XD Jam x Netflix

What was it about?

Adobe partnered with netflix to create this jam where the prompt was to connect people to share movies and shows that they love online with their friends and families.

The emphasis was on designing for a specific target audience and promoting connections. 

Interact with the prototype here.


Re-imagining BTS's Website

This was a passion project done to redo the current website for the south korean pop band BTS. The idea was to incorporate BTS musical and visual artistry into the website and make it a movie like experience for the fans.

This was my first venture into motion design using invision studio and some basic after effects. (Please excuse the glitchy motions!)

Find the complete project on behance.

More Coming Soon ...

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