About me :)

Hey there! My name is Mahitha Kalyani. I identify with She/Her/Hers pronouns. I was born and raised in India and currently based in Framingham, MA.

I'm a Software Developer turned User Experience Designer with a Bachelor's in Comp. Science (from IIIT Delhi) and a Master's in HCI (from UMD).

Currently, I'm working at The MathWorks, Inc as a part of their Internal Tools and Applications team. Prior to that I was employed with the American Chemical Society, an organization that strives for scientific innovation and inquiry in the field of Chemistry. I also interned with a creative digital agency during my Master's and got to experience working on client projects.

My interests lie in the domain of interaction and visual design. I am always looking to hone my design skills by participating in design challenges or side projects.

Here are some of my Design Principles:

 Have empathy for the user           

Make it easy to use

Induce delight                                  

Aim for simplicity


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Medium: @mahitha13

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